Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Adventures: The Digital Perm

*disclaimer:  i am not getting the above perm!

UPDATE:  Click here to see what happens . . . 

Even as I'm typing this, I'm getting a little apprehensive.  The word "perm" automatically makes me think of horrible 80s rock videos, my 5th grade class picture, and tons of LA Styles hair gel.  As someone who's always had stick straight hair, I am so infatuated with curls.  Growing up, I was incredibly envious of all the girls with beautiful, curly hair.  My mom has curly hair, my aunt, even my brothers have big bouncy curls  when their hair is longer.  So how did I end up with baby fine, stick straight hair?  We'll thank my pops for that one!

After rocking a perm in 5th-6th grade, I vowed to never get one again.  That was until I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs, I am Style-ish.  Tiffany, the author, details her adventures of getting a digital perm and how wonderfully it worked for her.  After spending a lot of time googling digital perms and looking at pictures, I decided that once my hair got longer I would give it a whirl.  Instead of tight, wet-looking curls, the digital perm gives you sexy waves like the Victoria's Secret models wear while strutting down the catwalk.

Well, now I'm impatient.  My hair is a little below my shoulders and I'm ready for a hairstyle change.  So I booked an appointment at Koreana Beauty Salon in Santa Clara.  All of the research I did encouraged me to go to a Japanese or Korean salon, as the digital perm originated in Korea and the Japanese and Korean salons had the most experience and the best technology to do it.  I'm all booked for next Wednesday.  I'm so excited to see how my hair turns out!  I'll post before and after pictures to let you know how it looks.  I love that it's pretty low maintenance as well.  My curls will hold and I don't have to blow dry my hair.  If I want more defined curls I can use an iron or rollers and my curls will be bouncy and stay all day.  I'm not joking when I say this is practically all I can think about.

I'm hoping for a look like Christina Applegate's in Samantha Who or that gorgeous beachy wave that Kate Hudson looks so amazing with.

Hooray pretty hair!!


Jenn said...

no pubes on your head...LUCKY

Andrea Oliveira said...

have you ever done it?

suzanne said...

i did not get it done - apparently my hair is too fine for a digital perm. my friend jenn got it done, though. check it out here: