Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Style Love: Best Friend

It's highly likely that she will kill me for this, but I couldn't help myself.  Last week my adorable best friend got stopped by a Seattle PI reporter to snap a picture of her outfit for the "Street Fashion" section of their website.  While the photographer got her name wrong, she managed to capture so many things that I love about Miss Bekah:  her simple, effortless style, coy smile, joyful sense of humor and a quiet confidence often interpreted as shyness.  And the fact that she's wearing the jacket, scarf and oxfords that I love makes this shot easily one of my favorites.

Steal Bekah's Style:

  • Modesty is sexy:  Bekah is very modest, yet always manages to look sexy and gorgeous.  You don't have to have all your goods showing to be beautiful.
  • Simple is key:  Bek lives in a variation of skinny jeans and Target boyfriend tees.  She changes the look by adding accessories, different hairstyles and shoes.  Find what works for you and stick with it.  
  • Don't worry too much:  Confidence is so important, especially with fashion.  If you're wearing the latest trend and feel uncomfortable, you'll look uncomfortable.  


Jenn said...

ps. she has awesome hair!

aimee said...

I too love "Melanie's" style. ;) So awesome the reporter stopped her! Bekah always manages to look darling in the simplest of outfits. I agree with you that style is about exuding confidence in whatever you put on, and Bekah is a lovely example. Top it all off with that smiles of hers, and it's a hard combination to beat!! xo.

Frank said...

Yes, those are graceful images. Effortlessly pretty!