Thursday, April 12, 2012

House Art

In my home, I walk a fine line between wanting minimalist, clean lines and overstuffed leather chairs and books that smell of rich mahogany.  It's the curse of being born on a cusp, my mind is half one way and half the other.  Both extreme, both oh so very me.

I may enjoy modern minimalism, but one thing I do not enjoy is bare walls.  Art must be a-hung, and my bare walls are currently driving me bananas.  The first piece of art was hung the other day and my heart got just a little lighter.  I'm currently on the search for something fun & cute to go in the kitchen.  But for now I have the daunting task of hanging the other art and finding "The Art" that will be over the dining room table.  It's a huge focal point and will probably be the largest piece of art in the house.  I'm not looking on spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on some art, I just want something quirky, fun, and that possibly smells of rich mahogany.

impractical, yes.  awesome, yes.

society6 is where it's at, y'all.


Cammila said...

Heh, my bare walls are bugging me too. Can't really hang anything until we paint, can't really paint until we pick colors. Driving me nuts! ;D

Charles @ Wearing Wolf said...

i LOVE these, esp. the zoolander one! great little blog :)