hi, i'm suzanne.  i get inspired a lot. i needed a place to put my inspiration. you've stumbled upon that place.  welcome to awkwardly chic.  the name came about because, well, i'm a little awkward.  i love fashion and stylish people and no matter how hard i would try to be those people, something about my awkward personality would burst through, exposing my silliness to the world.  so i decided to stop trying to be like everyone else and just roll with it.  be myself.  be a little awkward, a lot of fun, a light, a smile, a laugh, a deep conversation, a running buddy, an entrepreneur.

fitness, food, and fashion are three of my passions.  i'm working to find a way to merge them together into one big ball of awesome.  it seems easy - who doesn't love at least one of those three?  i feel that, as a society, we can be more fit, as eaters we can be more careful and loving in what we prepare and feed ourselves, and sartorially we can all learn a thing or two from kindergartners! i became a beachbody coach to help people with fitness and healthy living, a baker to spread joy, one treat at a time, and a fashionista by simply being my mother's daughter.  

i have a bachelor's degree in communication & english from western washington university and also a professional designation degree in fashion merchandise marketing from fidm.  i work for a high tech computer software company in silicon valley, run this blog and also an etsy bakeshop (cleverly titled bake/shop).  i love everything that i do and am excited to see where life takes me.

blogging is where i attempt to take the mish-mash of my mind and put it on hypothetical paper.  if you want a free health & fitness coach, need some healthy (or not-so-healthy) treats, if you want some fashion advice, or if you just want to say hi (i love those emails!), send me a note (awkwardlychic{at}gmail{dot}com)and let's get talking!

i try to give credit for the stuffs i find out & about online. if i don't give you proper credit, or you would like for me to remove your image, please let me know and i am happy to do so. i'm all about the integrity of our work, and i don't want anyone to be short-changed!

i'm here to inspire, make you laugh and give you a break from your day.  enjoy.